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Nothing makes a dealer happier than reading a review from a client… here is a post that was on the PCGS message boards recently!

“So I went back to the show this morning and I walked away today with a new coin.

I want to thank Jon from Scarsdale coin (who posted in this thread above!) for being generous with his time, fair in negotiation, knowledgeable, and a general pleasure to talk to and deal with.

I saw a coin in his case yesterday that was not in my plan or budget, but he was nice enough to show it to me anyway and chat, and it was a friendly and professional interaction.

I did my homework on the coin last night, decided it was something worth pursuing for my collection, and this morning I went back to the show with some trade material to see if I could make a deal.

Long story short I now have a new amazing piece of early gold, which I will share and post separately once I have pictures. Fantastic buying experience today. Jon / Scarsdale Coin is top notch.

Thanks Jon!

Assume he’s still at the show – if anyone is there check out his table, he’s got some great material. Highly recommended.”

Jonathan Lerner Revised

Jon Lerner

Jon Lerner, Scarsdale Coin president, is a recognized expert in the numismatist field. Jon has spent over 30 years collecting and evaluating coins. He is often sought out by fellow coin collectors for his advice and knowledge of rare coins.


These guys are tops, experts to the experts. Trust them when buying or selling!

- John Maben


Scarsdale Coin

Jon Lerner, a renowned figure in numismatics, discovered his passion for rare coins in his Scarsdale, New York upbringing. With a keen eye for quality, he founded Scarsdale Coin in 1985, quickly establishing it as a premier destination for collectors. Beyond dealing, Jon is a respected speaker and prolific writer, sharing his expertise with enthusiasts worldwide. His commitment to integrity and professionalism has earned him admiration throughout the numismatic community. Jon remains dedicated to enriching collectors' experiences and preserving the legacy of rare coins for future generations.