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The coin just issued by authority of the Government of the West African Republic of Benin is bound to create quite a stir among collectors and non-collectors alike.

As the first in a series of “Famous Plants of the World”, the 100 Central African Franc denominated Legal Tender coin features Cannabis Sativa, colloquially known as Marijuana, Pot, Mary Jane, Weed, Grass, etc.

The coin has been struck from a 27 gram copper-nickel planchet, 38.61 millimeters in diameter that is subsequently silver-plated.

The reverse features a bright green Cannabis Sativa leaf that when rubbed (HORRORS!!!!), releases the distinct aroma of Marijuana, although I have been assured that the aroma comes from a synthetic additive and not from the plant itself.

This process can be repeated approximately forty times before the smell disappears. Total mintage for this coin is limited to 2,500 pieces and if early indications are correct, this coin is destined to become an instant classic, appealing to both coin collectors as well multitudes of flower children and rock band followers from the sixties and seventies. 

And that’s why marijuana qualifies as the lead coin in the new Famous Plants of the World coin series. This revolutionary program will feature some of best known vegetation from around the world, but with a most interesting twist – not only will each proof coin feature a color version of the plant, the coin will be scentedto smell like the plant it honors! That’s right, each coin will have the aroma of (smell like) its namesake! Couple the scent of this bouquet with its extremely affordable price and tiny worldwide mintage of only 2,500, and you can see why we like this coin!

A single leafy sprig of hemp is highlighted in color against a backdrop of meticulously engraved marijuana leaves. The legends FAMEUSES PLANTES DU MONDE and CANNABIS SATIVA define the theme, while the date is also indicated.

A meticulously detailed rendering of the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Benin, which includes two leopards as supporters. The denomination also appears.

The coin is encapsulated and includes an official, full color certificate of authenticity.

Technology Note – Aroma
This revolutionary coin is the first in the new, scented Famous Plants of the World series. Each coin will feature the aroma of the plant in questions. Each fragrance has been developed by a professional perfumer (parfumier) using a chemical formula to replicate or reproduce the odor of the famous plant in question. The scent is of the scratch and sniff variety, but nevertheless can be distinctly detected without resorting to actually touching the coin.


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