You need to have a BACKUP PLAN!

Life is always full of surprises.  Have you given any thought to what would happen to your collection of coins if you were to die tomorrow or have a life changing emergency?  Do you think it’s fair for your children not knowing walking into a local pawn shop or coin store and being taken advantage of?    Please make it ez for your relatives by leaving detailed information and instructions on how to dispose your coins.  Hundreds of our customers have left my business card with a note to contact “Jon” in the event!

A true tale…  A few years back a client of mine passed away with a rather coin collection.  His son needing a new car took the collection to a local coin shop.  Because his father always played things close to the vest, the collection was not marked with any prices etc…   His son was happy to receive a quick / approximate $20,000 for this wonderful collection.  A collection that I knew was easily valued at over $100,000.  Fortunately with the help of my notes and a local “good guy” attorney we were able to recover an additional $50,000 to the family heirs.  Not everyone is that lucky and this could have been avoided if there were some detailed notes with the collection. 

However if you happen to be a relative and ended up in this situation, take your time and find someone to trust to dispose of the collection.

He was a secretive guy so I’m assuming the invoices for his coins weren’t around and he peeled my inventory stickers off the back of the slabs which indicated what he paid. The coins were left to his sister who proceeded to take them to a “road buyer” at a local hotel. I would have paid close to a million dollars for the coins if she had called me. I’m told the road buyers paid her somewhat less than $200,000.

Jonathan Lerner Revised

Jon Lerner

Jon Lerner, Scarsdale Coin president, is a recognized expert in the numismatist field. Jon has spent over 30 years collecting and evaluating coins. He is often sought out by fellow coin collectors for his advice and knowledge of rare coins.


These guys are tops, experts to the experts. Trust them when buying or selling!

- John Maben


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Jon Lerner, a renowned figure in numismatics, discovered his passion for rare coins in his Scarsdale, New York upbringing. With a keen eye for quality, he founded Scarsdale Coin in 1985, quickly establishing it as a premier destination for collectors. Beyond dealing, Jon is a respected speaker and prolific writer, sharing his expertise with enthusiasts worldwide. His commitment to integrity and professionalism has earned him admiration throughout the numismatic community. Jon remains dedicated to enriching collectors' experiences and preserving the legacy of rare coins for future generations.